Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Honey & Lace Review

Honey & Lace Review
What women doesn't love dressing up in beautiful dress, doing something different with your hair and changing up their makeup for a night out on the town. Honey & Lace is a company that offers women's dresses, skirts, leggings, and more I personally had the chance to review their Balboa-Jewel dress and let me start out by telling you this dress is simply amazing from the colors, to the design, to how soft it is, everything about this dress is perfect!
Look at how the design of the dress is a zigzag pattern and starts out going straight and as it goes down it turns into more of a triangle, with a light blue decorative belt in the middle of the dress it would give it a more separated look, which is what I love. You can purchase this BalBoa-Jewel Dress for $46.50 on their website. I would highly recommend buying this dress, it could be for you or your daughter either way it will look perfect for going to church, night out with the girls, or just a casual trip to the grocery store. I received size XL in the dress and when I put it on it's just a little bit to big, I could have went with a size Large so when purchasing your dress make sure to check their sizing chart for that perfect fit.
About Honey & Lace:
At the heart of every Honey & Lace design is the drive to match comfort and style. Although style has its importance, every woman wants to be comfortable. Why not find that comfort in your own clothes? Honey & Lace combines comfort and confidence with a style that catches attention. Whether you want to attend a wedding, go to the beach, or sit at home with your kids, Honey & Lace maxi’s look great. H&L was born when a mother decided to create a skirt for her daughter. The Founder, Dianne M. Ingram wanted to create something comfortable, beautiful, and classy for her daughter. She quickly realized that everyone wanted her skirts. Shortly after, H&L was born. The H&L team is committed to maximizing your buying and wearing experience. Unified in vision, its departments succeed in building a strong brand, and an even bigger family. In fact, we would love for you to join our family
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