Monday, August 11, 2014

Pork Chomps Review

Pork Chomps Review
If you have dogs than their are many things you buy them every time you go to the store ssuch as toys, food, and of course treats. We have three 5 month old puppies in my house and let me tell you they know when its time for a treat such as when they come in from using the bathroom outside, they immediately run to the cabinet where they stay. Up until now my puppies have never tried Pork Chomps but let me promise you that is about to change, they absolutely fell in love with Pork Chomps bones, every time I give them one I don't see them for at least an hour they are off somewhere hiding from their brothers and sisters eating their bones and when I do finally see them their bones are completely gone. 

Pork Chomps sent me three bags of their bones for my puppies to try out which were Sweet Potato Wrapped, Chicken Flavor Wrapped, and Bacon Flavor. I can honestly say that my puppies are loving the Sweet Potato and the Chicken Flavor bones, evry time I pull them out of the bag they literally are almost doing back flips for them. The bacon flavor bones are to bit for my puppies to chew so I gave them to my sisters dog and she told me that her dog loves them as well. I would highly recommend Pork Chomps to any dog owner out there, I am sure your pup will go crazy for them, I know I will be buying them from now on, will you? You can find Pork Chomps on their website and you can buy these treats for $20.00 and below.

Vet Recommended: Pork Chomps vet approved dog treats are the safest and healthiest dog chew available for your canine friend. A recent university study proved that Pork Chomps are much easier to digest than rawhide, dissolving up to twice as fast in a dog’s digestive enzymes.

Dog Approved: Unlike tasteless beef rawhide bones that have to be basted, flavored or stuffed to get your dog’s attention, pork skin has a natural flavor and is highly appealing to your pet.
Healthy and Natural: Pork Chomps are a healthy dog chew made from baked pork skin without dyes, fillers or rawhide. Because they are 99.9% digestible, when dogs switch from rawhide to Pork Chomps, the risk of intestinal blockage is greatly reduced. A daily offering of Pork Chomps was also found by a recent university study to reduce healthy dogs’ cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Odor and Stain-Free: Pork Chomps are odor-free, stain-free and mess-free. Dogs don’t just chew Pork Chomps; they eat them up, leaving behind no slimy pieces to clean up.

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