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Callio Fragrance Review

Callio Fragrance Review
I am very picky when I comes to the perfume I wear, not only do I have to love the way it smells but I have to find something that wont give the other six people that live in my house a headache. Have you ever heard of Callio Fragrance? If not, you've been missing out big time on some great smelling perfumes! I knew from just the description on their website ( ) that I would love any one of them, Callio perfumes range from a soft and sweet scent to a spicy and outgoing scent. I received two perfumes from them which where Adele perfume and a roll on bottle of Summer, I enjoyed wearing each one they both offer a sweet of scent which is what I look for when buying perfumes in the summer (hints the name Summer(: )
Information about Adele Perfume- 
Juicy, sweet blackberries and soft, red roses blended with a hint of sweet vanilla; Adele is the perfect scent for you if you love slightly sweet fragrances.
Our signature fragrances are phthalate-free, never tested on animals and made in the USA.
Ingredients: Specially Denatured Alcohol 40B, Hexylene Glycol, Fragrance and Aqua
You can purchase Adele on their website ( ) for $34.00
Information about Summer Perfume-
Summer is our favorite time of year-days that seem to last forever, delicious, fresh fruit and gorgeous flowers; these memories are the inspiration for our Summer perfume.
Notes of peach, cantaloupe, freesia and musk.
Our roll on perfumes are the perfect way to carry a favorite fragrance with you! 
Apply to pulse points as often as desired.
Our signature fragrances are phthalate-free, never tested on animals and made in the USA.
You can purchase a roll on bottle of Summer Perfume on their website ( ) for only $16.00
I will defiantly be returning to Callio Fragrance next summer to find the new perfumes for Summer and who knows maybe I will even try them out this winter as well, but the real question is which season are looking for your next perfume? Which ever one it is Callio Fragrance has the perfume you've always been looking for.
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