Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LAQA & CO. Review

LAQA & CO. Review

Have you ever tried LAQA & CO.? If not, it has to be next on your must buy list! For the perfect price you will get everything you ever dreamed of, they have everything any women out there would love to get their hands on such as Fat lip Pencils, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Pen and more. Plus every item you order will come in a box that is made with beautiful artwork! I received three products to share with you guys and they are a lip pencil, one nail polish and one nail polish pen, if you look below you will find all the information on each of the products.

LAQA & CO. Nail Polish Pen: I have never seen a nail polish pen that wasn't made with a metal tip, y'all know what I'm talking about those pens that scratch off all the nail polish as soon as you try to start designing but when LAQA & CO. they have created the perfect pen that will leave your nails looking beautiful. They are made with a soft tip brush and are made to make perfect straight lines or designs or any type of nails. I received the color Nookie which is the color berry, if you go to their website you can purchase some of your own for only $14.00

LAQA & CO. Nail Polish: When buying nail polish their is nothing worse then opening it and see that it is all clumpy or isn't truly the color they said it was, LAQA & CO. is the perfect nail polish all ages it doesn't matter if your just learning how to paint your nails or if your a professional, either way you wont want to miss out on this long lasting gorgeous nail polish. I received the color Gremlin which a green/blue color and its absolutely beautiful and shiny once its on your nail. If you go to their website you can find all their different colors and for only $13.00

LAQA & CO. Fat Lip Pencil: LAQA & CO. offers many different colors and gift sets on their website It dosent matter if your shopping for yourself or a friend you will be able to find the color that fits them best. Once you put on the lip pencil you wont even believe you have anything on your lips, they wont weigh you down like most other brands, LAQA & CO. will leave your lips very pretty and soft! If you head on over to their website you can purchase the Fat Lip Pencil for only $18.00

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