Friday, August 1, 2014

Barbara's Joey Joy Gourmet Cookie Review

Barbara's Joey Joy Gourmet Cookie Review

I'm sure all of you have seen my review for Barbara's Cookie Pies well today I am bringing you the next best thing from Barbara, her Joey Joy Gourmet Cookies. I have always been one to enjoy an afternoon snack and thanks to Barbara's I have found a new delicious cookie that my whole family can enjoy. Joey Joy cookies are made with two hand-crafted thin butter cookie wafers that embrace a layer of premium raspberry preserves, dipped in real semi-sweet chocolate then smothered in sprinkles. What could be better than a cookie that has chocolate, raspberry and spinkles all in one cookie and for the low price of $24.00 for 1LB tin, you can purchase these delicious cookies on her website While your there don't forget to check out all the different kinds of cookies and her famous cookie pies.

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