Friday, August 22, 2014

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Review

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Review
I'm sure all of you know about Lisa Hoffman's Beauty products such as her amazing perfumes and her line of Japanese Agarwood products but what you may not have heard of is her new line of Fragrance Jewelry.

I received the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet and let me tell you this is the most unique piece I have in my jewelry box. It is a bracelet that has an antique looking charm on it and you can open the charm up to put these perfume scented beads in them. The bracelet and the beads come in many different styles and fragrances, plus Lisa Hoffman offers necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and much more.
About the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet:
Highlighting the strength and femininity of Kerala Ashok Garden, the fragrance charm has been completely redesigned to hold more beads and diffuse more fragrance. Experience the beauty and heart of India's Ashok blossom with complementing notes of Deep Violet, Ripe Pear, Velvety Apricot, and Sheer Jasmine. Cast in bright silver with vintage glass beads in dreamy purple, this bracelet acts as a constant reminder to inhale bliss and exhale peace.
You can purchase this Lisa Hoffman bracelet for only $75.00
Think about the last time you bought a bottle of perfume, I can bet you spent a lot of money on it and then after a couple of hours the scent of the perfume was gone. That's the great part about the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet, you can add a lot of perfume beads or just a few but it doesn't matter what your preference is, the perfume will stay fresh all day and night, actually you wont have to change out your beads for 2-3 weeks. How amazing is that? After months of wearing your perfume jewelry and your beads finally do run out you can purchase just the refills on Lisa Hoffman Beauty for $20.00 that's less than you will spend on almost any perfume out there. Take a look at their website and comment below your thought about her products and which one is your favorite.
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