Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pink Powder Parlor Review

Pink Powder Parlor Review

I recently received a sample of Pink Lady Lip Gloss from Pink Powder Parlor and let me start off by telling you that I have never found a lip gloss that has such a sparkle to it. As women we are always on the market for the best new lip gloss and makeup, I personally prefer lip gloss to lip stick as long as its not sticky that it, in my opinion lip gloss is much easier to apply when you don't have a mirror and if you make a little mistake you can just wipe it off. Pink Powder Parlor is the place to go when searching for a new lip gloss color, they have many colors to match all skin types such as light and dark or oily and dry, whatever your skin type is Pink Powder Parlor  will have you looking beautiful and feeling your very best!

You can find all the color of Pink Powder Parlor on their website!product/prd1/1756642235/glossware for only $11.00 a piece.


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