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Sister's Gourmet Review

Sister's Gourmet Review

In my family we love to bake, it doesn't matter if it's cookies, brownies or pies you name it we bake it. But using a bunch of ingredients to cook with can get difficult if your just learning how to bake, it's very easy to forget a step or use too much of one thing or maybe not enough but that's where Sister Gourmet cookie and brownie mixes come in. They are already put together in a jar with almost everything you will need to bake your cookies including sugar, flour, brown sugar or chocolate chips if that's what kind you are making. Not to mention they are decorated in the cutest design which makes them perfect for any holiday such as Christmas, Sister's Gourmet has a cookie mix called cookies for Santa how fun will that be making with your children on Christmas Eve.

I received three different cookie mixes from Sister's Gourmet which included Crisp & Colorful Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, Crisp & Colorful Hopscotch Cookies and Merry and Bright - Cookies for Santa. Each one of the cookie mixes had a completely different design on it and each one was even more pretty than the one before. My family absolutely fell in love with the Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, they had three times the normal amount of chocolate chips then you would normally have and they were milk, dark and white chocolate white gave the cookies a very sweet and satisfying taste. We also enjoyed the Award Winning Hopscotch Cookies very much, these are very moist, rich, and packed with whole grain oats and butterscotch chips, these cookies are a sweet new twist on the traditional oatmeal cookie. Which brings us to the third cookie mix we got to try out the Cookies For Santa, I know growing up me and my sister loved leaving milk and cookies for Santa but now Sister's Gourmet has taken Santa's cookies to a whole new level with a blend of chocolate chips, whole grain oats, crunchy cornflakes and coconut.

                                                                 Cookie Dough Mix,
                                                                 See how it's all stuck
                                                             together without any clumps.

Don't they look YUMMY!!       
Now wouldn't you rather have a gorgeous looking container with delicious tasting cookie mix for only $13.99 a jar than buying a bunch of single ingredients I boring bags from the store. You can find the cookie mixes I received and so many more on their website

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