Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sergeant's Review

Sergeant's Review

As all of you know we have three little puppies in my house about 5 months old now, so getting all three of them to eat the same puppy food and puppy snacks is quite difficult but ever since I started giving them the dog treats Sergeant's sent they have been eating them up, I don't even think they came up for air until the treats were completely gone. I received 3 different kinds of treats for my puppies to try out, they are Pur Luv Mini Bones, Pur Luv Mini Sizzlin' Strips and Barkery Americana.

Pur Luv Mini Bones: The Mini Bones my pup received came in the flavor bacon, and she seamed to really enjoy them, more so than any other bone I've tried to give her. Mini Bones are the perfect way to show your dogs just how much you love them. They contain flax seed, tomatoes, carrots and omega fatty acids. They are also made with low fat and no animal by-products.

Pur Luv Mini Sizzlin' Strips (Chicken & Sweet Potato flavor): Mini Sizzlin' Strips are a sizzlin' good treat your pup is sure to love, my pup received the extra chewy kind and I think they are perfect because if you have dogs then you know how fast your dogs can eat a treat and come begging for more but because they come in extra chewy it takes them a few minutes to get the whole thing broken up and ate. They are made with real chicken and sweet potato, also they contain omega fatty acids, low fat and no animal by-product.

Barkery Americana: These treats are shaped in little squares so your puppy will be able to chew them up easily and came in Grilled Cheese & Bacon Flavor which my dogs went crazy over, all three of them may I add. I give each of them a treat when they come back in from using the bathroom and immediately they run to the kitchen and look at the cabinet because they know what coming. Barkery Americana are soft and moist sandwich-style treats for all dogs, they contain Omega Fatty Acids for skin and coats, also they are inspired by the leading cheese-producing state!

Treats play a very important role in a dogs life, they can be rewarded for going to the bathroom in the right places or not barking when someone pulls up. If you give them a treat every time they do something good they will continue to do the right thing. Like my puppy Maddie I can hold the treat basically touching her nose and say wait for it and she wont try to eat it until I say okay you can have it, at only 5 months old I would say that is pretty good. You can find all their treats and different animal products on Sergeant's website They have animal products to fit dogs, cats, small animals, aquatic and birds, anything you could need they have.

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  1. Haha. Your dog is too cute. <3 this.

  2. Thank you! She's a handful but I gotta love her (: