Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jolie Review

Jolie Review
Every women out there loves going shopping for a new outfit but tell me what is an outfit without having the accessories to go along with it. Jolie is a company that offers a huge selection of accessories
that every one out there could ever need such as beanies, knot ties, belts and much more! I received the Coco Silver Headband, Knotty Ties Mason Jar, and the Penelope Beanie not only was I very impressed in the quality of the items but also the wrapping the products came in, they were very nicely wrapped with a gold colored wrapping paper with a bow on each item then the bottom was full of tissue paper so they are sure nothing will get damaged in the shipping process. I'm sure all of you have seen the new knotty bands, it seems to be all the rave these day, I know I love them they are so much prettier than a regular hair tie and best of all they wont pull your hair so you can even sleep in them but Jolie has taken the Knotty Band look to a whole new level, Jolie has added cute charms and amazing color to every jar. Yes that's right I said a jar, I know you don't have any idea what I'm talking about but it is a really unique jar that contains a total of 10 knotty ties in it that you can store on your bathroom counter and not only will it keep everything organized but it will also look adorable! Now you cant put your hair up with a knotty tie without adding a gorgeous headband from Jolie, most headbands you see are made plan and slip off your head very easy but I swear I have worn my headband almost everyday and it hasn't slipped one time, how AMAZING is that? Not only do they not slip but they are each designed with very beautiful rhinestones in different shapes and sizes, and the best part is you can wear these headbands with just about any outfit, I've worn mine with workout clothes, date night clothes and even my t-shirt and jeans when I'm running to the store. Now since it is still Summer I haven't had a chance to wear my beanie outside but I cant wait for it to turn cold so I can because I know as soon as I step outside I'm going to have people asking me "Where did you get that beautiful headband". The materials are very stretchy so it wont stick to your head and mess up your hair but they also are made with the same rhinestones as the headbands so you will have a unique design unlike any other!
About Jolie's Knotty Ties-
Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Check out our mason jar collection!

8 plain knotty ties
1 plain knotty tie headband
1 jeweled knotty tie on lid
You can buy these Knotty Ties on their website for $22.00
About Jolie's Coco Silver Headband-
Silver rhinestone on soft, stretchy ribbon band. 
Handcrafted in the USA One size fits all. Band is 5/8 of an inch thick.
You can buy this Coco Silver Headband for $36.00 on their website. They also come in gold!
About Jolie's Penelope Beanie-
Cotton beanie with diamond shaped silver rhinestone jewel.
Handcrafted in the USA. Hand wash only
You can purchase this Penelope Beanie for only $28.00. They also come in colors pink & grey!
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